Compatibility Questionnaire Cover Letter

Mr. Gautam Mehta,

Vice President, Thompson Industries,

Doctor’s Colony,

New Mexico.

Respected Mr. Mehta,

I am Ricky Mendon and I’m the Technical Head of the IT department of Mahindra Group and Company. We would like to purchase the processor for the HP laptops from your firm. Before proceeding with the purchase, we want you to fill the attached compatibility questionnaire so that we know that your processor exactly fits our requirements and there will be no issues with the installation and usage of the processor.

The questions are technical in nature and will need a technical professional to answer it who designs and develops the processor. Please send us the completed questionnaire by 30-Jun-2011 as we have an immediate requirement to buy the processor.

We thank you for your response. Your effort to get the questionnaire filled by an able technical professional to suit our requirements is highly appreciated.


Mr. Ricky Mendon

Elves Park,

New Mexico.