Proposal Cover Letter Template

(Name of Recipient)

(Title of Recipient)

(Institution / Organization / Company)


(Country and Zip Code)

Dear (Name of Recipient),

I am very crestfallen and sad to let you know that the (Name of instrument) in our (name of the department) department has become completely unusable and that too beyond repair. We had the (name of the instrument) from (the date when the instrument was first used) and it was maintained very carefully by expert hands.

We are all aware that it is a very expensive instrument that ranges from (the price range). Yet, it is an instrument indispensable in our research work, so we request you to buy another one from (name of the company from which the instrument is to be bought) as soon as possible.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

With Regards,

(Name of the Sender)

(Title of the Sender)

(Name of the Department he or she is from)