Project Proposal Cover Letter

Mr. Arthur Atwood,


Future Foundation School,

44, P. M. Road,

Boston, MA- 66666666

Date: 07. 01.2011

Dear Mr. Atwood,

Subject: “The Orator” Project

Students of our esteemed school have been known to conquer new peaks of success when it comes to competitive exams. But most of the students of today are not articulate enough and are unable to put the right words to their thoughts.

So to rescue them from their tongue tied condition, we the “Students Committee” has decided to start special coaching classes for the interested students. We would like to appoint a permanent teacher who is well versed in speaking and oratory skills like Mr. M. Fischer, a renowned name in the world of theatre.

The two student representatives would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you at your office at your earliest convenience. So can we discuss this project further? We are eagerly waiting for your reply.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Amanda Moore,

Head of Students Committee