Professional Proposal Cover Letter


Diana Hayden

HR Manager

New Technologies Private Limited

Sector-VI, Central London


9th September 2012

Sub: professional proposal cover letter.

Dear Ms. Hayden,

I am writing this letter to invite applications for my dream project “green tooth”. This project is based on developing a multi-chip which is compatible with many complex electronic devices. The main objective of this chip will be to save energy. And to fulfill this dream I need a group of well skilled software engineers.

This project is financed by a fortune 500 company so there will be no financial problem. The engineers will be well paid. They have to only focus on developing this special chip. The candidates should have a working experience of at least two years. All the interested candidates have to submit their resume on my company’s email-id can get the entire details of the proposal on my company official website . The last date for responding for the proposal is 15th September 2012.

I hope the candidates will pay a positive response towards my proposal. All the deserving candidates are welcomed in our company. I will be eagerly waiting for your response.

Thanking you

Richard Thomson

General Manager (Recruitment Department)

Enclosure: proposal details

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