Non Profit Proposal Letter


James Wordsworth


Mother Teresa Hospital

56, Boston Road, New York


12th September 2012

Sub: Submitting the proposal for a shelter home

Dear Mr. James

I am writing this letter to submit my proposal to setup a shelter home in your hospital’s premises. This shelter home will be for the relatives of the patients who are admitted in your hospital.

This shelter home will contain facilities like canteen, bathroom and waiting room. Those who come to visit the admitted patient in your hospital can take rest and food from the shelter home. This is a non profitable proposal that is this project will neither make loss nor profit for your hospital. The intention behind this proposal is just to help the people who come to your hospital. I think this project will take your hospital to new height of success.

The cost for establishing the shelter home will be financed by our NGO.I hope you will provide a positive response towards this proposal. I will be eagerly waiting for your response. To confirm the proposal you can call me on my mobile number. Please find the complete details of the proposal enclosed with this letter.

Yours sincerely

Jolly Wills

Head (NGO)

Enclosure: Proposal details.

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