Marketing Proposal Cover Letter


Mr. Colden Gaudery,

Assistant Director,

Gaudery Manufacturing Industries Limited,



Dear Mr. Gaudery,

I am pleased to provide the attached proposal for the marketing related activities to enhance the revenue of your company. We believe that the products manufactured by your company are the best in the market. You have been the market leader for last couple of years and you still manage to deliver best quality products in the market. We have come up with new marketing schemes and agendas which can help you increase your sales by manifold.

Our team will promote your products by putting stalls, conducting road shows, advertisements on news papers and media etc. We will provide all these services at very competitive rate. Our understanding of marketing a product is very wide and we will assist you with everything required for the promotion of your product.

In this regard I would like to talk to you in person and answer all the questions you might have with regard to this proposal.

Best Regards,

Peter Roderick

Marketing Head

Muzzles Marketing & Media Private Ltd.