Market Research Proposal Cover Letter


Fort Williams

Marketing Manager

Voice phone Telecommunication limited

99, Industrial Towers, Eastern London


1st July 2102

Sub-Market research proposal cover letter.

Dear Mr. Fort,

You must be aware of the difficulties that the telecommunication companies are facing nowadays because of intensive competition and economic slowdown. The profits of almost all the major telecom companies are diminishing because of saturation of the market and decreasing average revenue per user. The companies here are struggling to add new connections in order to increase their subscriber base .On contrast to the telecom companies in some of the developing nations are doing brisk business

Therefore our research firm is interested in conducting a detailed market research in order to determine the reasons behind the falling subscriber base and declining average revenue per user. We will furnish your company the exact requirement of the customers and indentify the areas which require improvement from your side.

Please inform us if you are interested in our market research proposal. Please find the details of the earlier market research conducted by our company.

Yours Sincerely,

Steve Buckner

Research Analyst

Scientific Research Corporation

Enclosed – some of the examples of our previous market research work undertaken and its effect on the sales of the parent company.

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