IT Proposal Cover Letter


Mr. Alonzo Albert
Executive Director
Hazelton Public School,
Dear Mr. Albert

This is in regard to the new IT software program which our company has recently launched to help school kids understand their subjects in a better way. This program is specially designed for students who have poor reading skills and it is named as “Road to Success” which will enable the students to increase their reading speed. This will also enhance their comprehension and reading attention span.

This programmed software is designed by our expert team members who have done lot of piloting work on this software before we launched it. It provides students with right to use to assistive reading systems, all along with training for classroom teachers and reading specialists. We wish to expand our “Road to Success” program to help more and more students in this area. Our proposal requests $16,50 in backing to attain the software, hardware, and training necessary to equip the Orchard Middle School resource room with five assistive reading systems, each including a computer, scanner and assistive reading software.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any query pertaining to this proposal.

Thanking You.
Jennifer Hill
IT Proposal Co-coordinator

Orchard IT foundation company