Internship Proposal Cover Letter


Serena Williams

Personal Relation Officer

Institute of Science & Technology

45, Teresa sector, Southern London


13th September 2012

Sub: letter to invite for internship.

Dear Mrs. Serena

Apex industries are delighted to invite the applications from the students of your college to join our internship in various computer languages. The internship will consist of developing websites for different companies.

In this internship the students will have to focus on developing software and website based on the languages like, Php,, oracle, c, c++ and many others. Employment of the student will be done based on their performance.  This internship is only for the students from technical background .Students currently pursuing their Masters in Computer Technology, Bachelors in Computer Technology and other technical related courses can apply for the internship program. For this internship they will be paid on the monthly basis. We will offer a stipend approximately $1500 per month. We will offer permanent employment to the top performing students.

If you are interested in the proposal please inform me on our email id .Hope that you will encourage your students to participate actively in the internship program.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

David Richard


DSM   Consultancy Private Limited

Enclosure: Internship Proposal

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