Funding Proposal Cover Letter


Mary White,

Analyst Company,


Dear Ms. Mary,

We are a non government organization named “Avenues”. We are planning to initiate a major project to educate the children from the slums. This project will have over 2500 children picked up from the slum areas of our state to get free education. We are currently not in a position to take up this major noble task on our own due to shortage of funds.

We hereby request you to be part of our novel idea to bring literacy among these poor slum children. We will be glad to have your donation to start this project as soon as possible along with other donors that we have reached out to.

Along with this letter please find enclosed the details of the project and administration of this literacy mission we plan to initiate.

In case you have any further queries regarding this project please feel free to contact our project manager on 123-456-4444.

Thanking you in anticipation of support for this noble project.

Yours truly,

Manodi Bats,

Manager – Events,

Avenues NGO,