Contract Proposal Cover Letter


Mr. Dun peal Douglas

Contractor, Dragon Civil Works Company,



Dear Mr. Douglas,

It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that our contract for the supply of raw material for the construction of the bridge by your company has been finalized. We would like to go with cost plus variable percentage contract where in we agree to a fine if the concrete cost exceeds the estimated job cost, or remuneration if the definite cost is below the estimated job cost. We assure you that we would abide by the time dead line given by you and will supply all the material within the stipulated time span. It would avoid you any type of cost overrun.

All the products delivered would carry the high quality at the lowest price possible. The price would be based upon the unit of raw material consumed in the construction process.

We hope that this mutual bonding will help us in growing leaps and bounds.

Looking forward to hearing from you on the same.

Alvarado John

Contract Supervisor

McKinney Supplier Association