Consumer Proposal Cover Letter


Mr. Alyson Ramos

Ramos Group and Companies



Dear Mr. Ramos,

In the present scenario consumer feedback is essential as per our understanding of the business. To make the consumer happy and satisfied knowing their needs is must. To achieve this goal we need your help in helping organize a focus group for some local consumer and join part of our campaign for beauty products.

As per my proposal we are looking for the detail description from the focused consumers. From our consumer we can get some relevant information and to begin that we would like to get your data and feedback as you are one of our most esteemed customer. Your suggestions will help us understand as to how we can grow our business by serving our customers in best possible manner. We will be glad to have you as part of our endeavor.

I will give you a call to talk over the matter further and see if we can get this together.

Thanks for your attention


Robert Anderson