Trainee Veterinary Nurse Cover Letter


Susanne Roy

Dreams lived hospital

New York

27th June 2012

Sub: Applying for the post if trainee veterinary nurse

Respected Ms. Roy,

I saw your advertisement related to the job opening for the post of a veterinary nurse in the newspaper Times Daily, dated 25th June 2012. I am writing this letter to you to show my interest for the mentioned post. During my past working experience at St. Martins Hospital, I was a valuable member of the veterinary team. I possess good veterinary practice to provide nursing care to the pet animals.

I promise to fulfil all my duties and responsibilities that are necessary for the position of a veterinary nurse at your hospital. I have an understanding to administer medication and provide full information to the owners of the pets regarding the surgeries and operations that are to be done. I am skilled to take x- rays of diseased animals and carry out the desirable diagnostic tests. I have good communication skills in advising and assisting the owners with a welfare and healthcare of their pet animals. I have an experience of being a senior veterinary nurse for 6 months during my training season.

Attached with this letter is my resume which will help you know more about of my achievements and qualifications.

I look forward for a positive response from you.

Thanking you,

Benny Joseph

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