Nursery Nurse Cover Letter


Hannah Joseph

Life Saver Hospital


20th June 2012

Sub: Application for the post of nursery nurse.

Respected Ms. Hannah,

I am writing this letter to apply for the post of a Nursery Nurse at your hospital. This is in reference to your advertisement published in Youth Next Newspapers, dated 12th June 2012. Madam, I am a fully qualified nursery nurse with a 5 years experience of caring and parenting child patients. I also possess the much needed “Criminal Records Bureau Clearance” certificate.

I am a very warm and patient nurse. With good communicational skills and remarkably responsible, I promise to provide emotional and physical care to the children at the nursery floor. In addition, I have a habit of creating favourable playing atmospheres for the children during their unpleasant and painful surgeries. I have never lacked behind in maintaining records, attending meetings and submitting case reports. I have an experience to look after the children of NHS staff and providing a helping hand to the higher doctors during some major operations and surgeries. I promise to promote public health in your hospice and work with full dedication. With this letter, I am attaching my resume which mentions my qualifications, past experiences and duties that might help you to know better about my background.

Thanking you in Anticipation!


Roose Williams

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