Sports Marketing Cover Letter

Jimmy Walter,

647, Sportsman Drive,

Chicago – 867345

4th January, 2011

Dear Mr. Walter,

I have always considered sports as my first calling .My father has been a Baseball scout for over forty years and hence I have had experience since childhood of being a professional in this field.

I came across the poster advertising your need for scouts in the baseball team on a permanent basis and I wish to be a part of your organization and its game if given an opportunity .I have had an experience of being an intern at the Rogerstein Beck’s minor baseball league and after that I have been involved in my college baseball team and have contributed in its success at various intercollegiate baseball games. For a short span I have also worked with Neo Sports channel where they had been covering David Sanders and Adam Joshua’s match at MaryFields. I would appreciate if we could interact sometime soon to discuss about our favourite game.


Whitney Fitch.



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