MBA Marketing Cover Letter

Emile Franklin,

North Carolina State University,

North Carolina-345872.

9th January, 2011

Dear Ms. Franklin,

As a final year student graduating with a degree in marketing I would like to apply for a one year course of MBA Marketing that is being offered by your University. As a meritorious student of my class I have topped my class in the last university examinations and think I’m eligible to apply for this course that will begin in the Autumn Semester.

I am quite aware of the political and social developments of our time and have had a thorough study of how social changes impact consumer behaviour pattern. I also have a fair knowledge of marketing applications, perceptual mapping, positioning of existing and new products and wish to engage in further studies on these topics. Hence I have chosen this course and I hope I can convince you of my interest and diligence in this sphere of studies through the attached resume.


Macey Thompson,

Chicago University.