Marketing Manager Cover Letter

Patricia Burns,
334 Outer Circle Road

Home Town, IL 60617.

Joe Harris,
Human Resources Director
National Retail Sales
323 South Avon Drive,
Milton, NY 10945

Dear Mr. Smith,

I have received the appointment letter and just want to thank you for your offer of employment as a marketing representative at your New York office. I am extremely happy to get the offer letter and I am mentally very much ready to start work with your company.

As it was discussed during the interview, my salary will be $ 24,000 per year, and I shall have to initially report to Mr. Dave Smith. As stated in your offer, I shall begin work on April 01, 2004.

I shall relocate to the area around mid March and after relocating, I shall call you to see what information or materials I may need before April 1st, i.e. the date of joining. In the meantime, you can ask for any further information which you may want to know.

Again, thank you for offering me this exciting opportunity.


Patricia Burns.