Marketing Job Cover Letter

Jeremy Stone
2829 University Avenue Southeast,
MN 55414-3245(612) 617-2270

Date – 21/06/2010
Mr. R Forsyth,
Personnel Manager,
Brindleton City Arts & Conference Centre,
BR16 43N

Dear Mr. Forsyth,

Being a keen and regular theatre and concert lover, I have often visited Brindleton City Arts & Conference Centre and is thus very much interested and excited by your advertisement published on 8 October 2008. I should like to throw my hat into the ring by enclosing my CV for your attention.

The advertisement reflects a great enthusiasm and pride involved with your organization – this is exactly the type of working environment to which I thrive for.

As requested, I have mentioned here a list of achievements but would emphasize that some of these would not have been possible without the powerful team spirit which has been an attribute in most of my roles. I have always put emphasis on corporate effort and prefer to consider myself as a member of the group rather than an individual entity.

I am looking forward to a chance to discuss my capabilities with you further.

Yours sincerely

Jeremy Stone