Marketing Executive Cover Letter

Mr. Nicholas Dickson,

Meredith Associates,

53, Clarington Park,


6th January, 2011

Dear Mr. Dickson,

I wish to apply for the post of marketing executive in your company, Meredith Associates. I have been a junior marketing executive in Fords Associates and now aspire to a newer opportunity to hone my skills and grow my experience.

As an adept marketing executive who has drawn his expertise from a wide range of market dynamics I am capable of translating these dynamics into effective strategies that provide success in the long run. Having worked for six years now and winning accolades from all quarters in my department I wish to reach out for a wider exposure to newer experiences which can be provided by a reputed company like yours. I look forward to having an interaction with you wherein you can place your queries regarding my credentials after having gone through the attached resume. Thanking you for your time and patience.


Maxim Rogers,

Fords’ Associates.