Marketing Director Cover Letter

Mr. Ted Woods,

Human Resources Manager,

Smart Marketing,

146, West Madison Avenue,

Appleton 64876.

2nd January, 2011

Dear Mr. Woods,

I would like to offer my services as Marketing Director for your company after having a work experience of fifteen years in CRT Associates. With a firm background and an experience in utilizing advertising methods I believe that my skills and training when coupled with the vision of your company can work wonders for a better tomorrow with profitable results.

As a Marketing Director in CRT Associates I have always ensured optimum utilisation of resources for meeting quality standards that our customers expect and also ensuring customer satisfaction and profitable results at the end of the day. With sufficient training in communication abilities, I have earned enough reputation in various networks and can use them for industrial purposes thus helping your company to achieve its objectives smoothly. I’m attaching my resume with this letter and hope to interact with you soon.


Carey Simons.