Marketing Cover Letter Template

Mr. Simon Brooklyn
Personnel Manager
CFER Telecom Systems
236 Telecom Boulevard
Any Town
Post/zip code

Dear Mr. Brooklyn,

I came to know through an online job portal that you have got a vacant position for the post of Marketing Director and hence attaching my resume for your consideration. I believe that my expertise will match your requirements and am a suitable candidate for this position in view of my considerable experience in strategizing comprehensive expansions into new markets while consolidating the established market positions.

I have gathered around seventeen years of significant experience in marketing with solid expertise in market development, planning and segmentation. I have also developed skills like rationalization of the brand and defining its price.

If a meeting can be arranged, I can explain you further my qualities and my achievements. I would also like to discuss the possibility of working as a member of your organization. Meanwhile, I will try to contact you next week to arrange for a meeting.


Robert Edison