Marketing Coordinator Cover Letter

Mr. Irwin Griffith,

Human Resource Department,

ABC Associates,

43 Macey Streets,


8th January, 2011

Dear Mr. Griffith,

As per the advertisement on Manhattan Mail last Tuesday, I wish to apply for the position of marketing coordinator in your firm ABC Associates. I have worked with the Brilliant Group for three years as a marketing coordinator and wish to broaden the horizon of my experiences and learning through the opportunity of working with your firm.

In the last three years of my working I have displayed my creative abilities and organisational capabilities which are essential parts of successful co-ordination. I can communicate skilfully on the professional and interpersonal level and coordinate the functions of the various sections of the marketing department to ensure the smooth running of work process in the company. My credentials have been detailed in my resume. I hope to have a chance to meet you soon and shall be obliged for your consideration.


Arthur Reynolds.