Marketing Analyst Cover Letter


Peterson Leo

Hiring Manager

Holmes Marketing Industries



5th March 2013

Subject: Marketing analyst cover letter

Respected Sir,

I wish to apply for the job post of a marketing analyst at Homes Marketing Industries. This is in reference to the job posting that I noticed on the website

After a careful consideration of the job requirements, I believe that I possess necessary analytical skills and potentials to prove to be an asset to your organisation.

After completing my graduation from the University of Texas, I acquired Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Media. Ever since then, I have searched for widening opportunities related to the marketing sector.

As you would find in the enclosed resume, I hold an experience of more than 10 years, working at various respectable job posts. As a marketing analyst at your reputed organisation, I would work to analyse the functioning of the marketing department.

I would look after supervising, analysing and evaluating the circulation of newer marketing plans, ensure timely updates of marketing procedures and analyse working of other staff members.

With good analytical skills and strong decisive power, I am confident about my skills and potentials to work at the job post of a marketing analyst.

I would welcome an opportunity to sit for an interview with you. For further details and information regarding my candidacy, feel free to contact me on 95960596.

Thanking you for your consideration.


Eric Alex

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