Event Marketing Cover Letter


Roy Watson

Red Trio Corporations


19th June 2012

Subject: Event promotion through DVD’s, flyers, newsletters etc.

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter in response to your letter dated 12th June 2012. Considering your interest and queries related to the promotion and marketing of your event, I George on behalf of White Event Marketing Ltd. wants to introduce to our terms and conditions, procedures and projects undertaken. What makes us different from other event marketing companies is that we add flavours and spices in every new event that is being promoted.

We specialise in designing a themed activity, then display it, further exhibit it and finally launch it as a huge event in the market. We are experts in developing contacts with the suppliers, stake holders, clients and hence build a continuous cycle to market the desired event or occasion further and further.

In addition, our event managers specialises in developing high quality photo shoots and marketing materials. Your event would be marketed using leaflets, on-pack promotions, websites, newsletters, DVD’s, posters and flyers. Once we are through with the event marketing procedures, we also deal with conducting seminars and customer questionnaires.

I am attaching a document along with this letter which details our marketing schemes, procedures, and projects. Kindly revert back as soon as possible so that we start to work on your desired event.


George Bush

White Event Marketing Ltd

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