Entertainment Marketing Cover Letter


Charles Williams

Great Private Limited

New York

20th June 2012

Subject: Marketing events, projects and products related to the field of entertainment.

Respected Sir,

Considering your interest in the field of entertainment, I Derek, on behalf of Youth Entertainment Ltd. wants to introduce you to our sponsored products, tours and other entertainment packages. We have been successfully promoting and marketing all the leading movies and its celebrities over a past few years. We are also widening our horizons in marketing the tours and packages that attract a large group of people.

Our speciality lies in developing a healthy communication between the brands and the entertainment proposition that might be of interest to the target audience. We excel in developing, promoting and marketing the plans and ideas related to the entertainment world.

One of the striking features of our company is to choose a 360 degree marketing approach which is supported by programs like media coverage, on pack promotions, TV, radios, websites, newspapers and more. We are not limited to any entertainment driven events, instead execute all by launching huge media events and stunts.

If you would like to have more information about our entertainment marketing team, contact us through our website or call us on 292939-9292. I am herewith enclosing a document mentioning the details of our services.

Thanking you,


Youth Entertainment Ltd.

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