Comparative Market Analysis Cover Letter


Henry Williams

Joy Private Limited


17th June 2012

Subject: Introducing the array of market analysis schemes and procedures.

Respected Sir,

As you are our esteemed customer, we are addressing you this letter to expose you to our new marketing projects, launch of latest market analysis and its strategies. We deal in comparing the products that are being marketed in the world and formulate analytical reports to study the detailed information.

We at our company specialises in knowing the dynamics of the market that lies within a desired industry. In addition we have always been ahead in analysing the array of opportunities, strengths, weaknesses and threats that are linked to a specific company. As a comparative market analyst, we use the topmost technology of SWOT to carry out and execute all the tasks and procedures. As per the customer’s needs, we try to design and formulate the market plans according to the market needs and hence try to aim the objectives after measuring the results. We are always focussed on monitoring the magnetism and attractiveness of the rising market and hence understand the evolving trends.

With this letter is an attached document that will brief you with our market analysis team, procedures and other details. We look forward to have an early response from your side.


George Watson

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