Product Management Cover Letter


Peterson Jackson

Holy Enterprises Limited

New York

17th June 2012

Subject: Details regarding our product management service.

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter on behalf of XYZ Product Management Ltd and with deep concern about some of your products that were launched in the market but were not successful with its results. I came to know about one of your products named “cushioned footwear” that was instigated by you three years back, but it did not received audience appreciation. We excel in helping big companies like yours in managing the products and incorporating newer marketing strategies to popularise it in the market.

We have been working as product manager for more than 8 years. We look after managing products of all types and forecast it through all stages of a product cycle. We will basically launch your product along with the leaflets and flyers which will detail the buyers regarding the comfort of this product.

Our aim will be to maximise your profits and enhance sales by introducing attractive offers on the purchase and catch the fancy of the buyers through our marketing strategies. We ensure you that you will be satisfied with our tactical and skilful knowledge in this field.

I am enclosing a document with this letter which will update you about the procedures which we will follow to market your product. Will look forward to your reply.


Walt Duck

XYZ Product Management Ltd

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