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Tommy Mc. Bob


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5th March 2013

Subject: Food service Manager cover letter

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to apply my candidacy for the post of a food service manager at your Hotel chain. I came to know about the job vacancy from Mr. Ronald Martin who is currently working as a staff member at your hotel. I was glad to hear about the job opportunity and I am writing to apply my candidacy for the same.

I believe that my management skills and good knowledge about food and nutrition would help me earn this position. A copy of my resume has been enclosed with this letter for your kind referral.

Heading forward with my career, I have worked at the job post of food manager, hotel manager and other related posts linked to the food industry for more than 10 years.

The job post of food service manager at your Hotel is important for me as I wish to exercise my managerial skills on such a reputed platform to add great values to your hotel.

I would work to manage the Hotel staff, look after maintenance of optimum quality of food products, assign servicing duties to the waiters and waitress, plan instructive food menu, ensure preparation of dietary and delicious food etc.

I believe that with my year long experience in the food industry and my interest to work at the job post of a food service manager would help me earn this respectable position. I look forward for an opportunity to sit for an interview with you.

Thanking you.


Martin Joy

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