Emergency Management Cover Letter


Franz Henry

Red Fortune Industries


16th June 2012

Subject: An overview about our emergency management procedures and skill sets.

Respected Sir,

This letter aims to inform you and introduce you to our emergency managing teams, our procedures and the expertise linked with this sector. We at Walt Emergency Management Corporation serve our country with everyday emergency facilities and are very quick in providing the desired services and helps. We are linked to the interdisciplinary field wherein we bring our best results using favourable management process.

Let me brief you with our policies and procedures. We are always ahead in protecting the critical assets of a particular company from the undesirable hazardous risks. We are very quick in introducing and declaring emergency measures that are needed to be taken in cases of risks and threats. In course of our emergency management, we always ensure that the continuity of an organisation is maintained in a best possible way without any damages and destructions. In cases of disasters, catastrophes and any such emergent satiations, we organize, interact and hence launch our emergency camps and successfully ease the situation.

Attached with this letter is a document which gives you a list of our emergency managing skills, our team personal and an overview of our projects. You can contact us on 28282-88229, for any future information.



Fred Jack.

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