Change Management Cover Letter


John George

Youth Enterprises Ltd.


13th June 2012

Subject: Change management proposal

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter on behalf of ABC Change Management Ltd. I recently heard about few of your products that are earning great profits in the market and at the same time, some of them are not been placed at its proper position and are appearing unsuccessful. We at Glory Change Management Enterprises help the companies worldwide to incorporate some changes in the existing marketing strategies and hence re-launch their product in the market.

We always try to use latest tools and technologies and bring positive transitions to a company. While making changes in the product or its marketing strategies, we ensure that the general methods and standardization procedures are used efficiently. We assure you that the changes made by us would be sorely managed by us and also it would be of a great benefit to you and your company. Your unused and unsuccessful resources launched would not go waste and in turn deliver you with huge success after sparkling them with desirable changes.

I am enclosing a document along with this letter which encloses an overview of our company, our skills to incorporate the changes and a brief about the team members. We will look forward to work with you.

Thanking you!


Charlie Roy.

ABC Change Management Ltd.

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