Case Management Cover Letter


Peterson Paul

Dreams Corporation Limited

New York

12th June 2012

Subject: Interested in conducting case studies for your new project.

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to show my interest for doing a case study for a new project that has been launched by your company. We at Wisdom Enterprises excel in examining and analysing case reports by comparing various aspects of the given case. I am interested to make case study reports for your company so that it may help you in the long run to oversee and preserve your performance records.

We have been managing cases of many big companies, MNC’s, health care institutions etc for past 10 years. We possess a strong experience to formulate policies and procedures related to a specific case that is to me studied. We provide an array of case management facilities starting from legal case management which is linked to laws and procedures and goes on to medical case management which includes design of medical plans and its implementation. Our case studies for your projects would be strictly done under your supervision and guidance.

I am enclosing a document along with this letter which will provide you the detail of our procedures of doing effective case studies and give you additional information about or team members. We look forward to work with you.



John Wrath.

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