Account Management Cover Letter


Franz Henry

Franz Corporation Limited

New York

18th June 2012

Subject: Details about account management services.

Respected Sir,

We are writing this letter on behalf of Excellent Account Management Ltd, so as to assist you with the account management procedures. In this letter we will also introduce you to our newly launched account managing software that might help you to update your balance sheets, bank account statements etc effectively. I am sure this would be a great help to you and your company in managing the account files efficiently.

As the account managers, we are always allotted a particular account that serves as a business account for us. Our duties and responsibilities vary with the nature of the business but we deliver account management in every field. Working in collaboration with you, we will assist you with various method and procedures with which you can update your balance sheets, enter the required information and hence draw necessary conclusions very conveniently.

We ensure you that your company will witness new and fast growth once you opt for our best accounting management skills. We are enclosing a document that lists down the method and procedures of our account management. We will wait for your reply.


Jackson Paul

Excellent Account Management Ltd

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