Paralegal Cover Letter

Anne Joserberg
2829 University Avenue Southeast,
MN 55414-3245(612) 617-2270‎

Mrs. Tiffany Splitt
Human Resources Manager
Swartz and Associates
34 Stanford Avenue
New York, NY 16565

Dear Mrs. Splitt,

Re: Application for Paralegal Position

I am writing because I want to apply for a junior paralegal position in your firm.  I graduated in the top 10 percent of my class at Legalese Academy and am looking for work with a litigation firm in New York.
During the course of my studies, I got the opportunity of spending 4 months as a coop student at McLary LLP. I worked in their litigation department, and learnt a lot of things.  While working there, I assisted two senior counsels with a class action lawsuit involving a pharmaceutical company.
I enjoy working in a positive and active environment and am confident that I will be able to meet or go beyond your expectations.  I always maintain strong work principles and can work under pressure.  It would be appreciated if I get the opportunity of meeting you personally to discuss my qualifications and answer to the queries you may have.

Yours very truly,

Anne Joserberg