Legal Cover Letter

Elizabeth B. Darcy,
1546, West 67 Street,
Carlisle, MA 01741
(123)-456 75690.

Date – 16/06/2010
Office of the Attorney General
California Department of Justice
1300 I Street, Suite 720
CA 95814

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a third-year student in Berkley School of Law in Berkeley, and am interested in applying for the current year Summer Honors Program. Since I am willing to pursue my career in the field of law in Berkley area, my most preferred area of placement in the city in which your office is located (in consumer rights law and false claims matters). It would also be nice if you consider me for your Miami office (in civil rights and criminal cases).

In Berkeley School of Law, I have got enough exposure and opportunities to improve my research and writing skills as my writings used to be regularly published in the Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law. I also practiced a lot of legal writing developed the art of the drafting of legal documents quite effectively.

I am hereby attaching my writing sample along with this cover letter. It would be nice if you give me a chance to prove before you my eligibility and experience for summer employment.

Very truly yours,

Elizabeth B. Darcy