Legal Cover Letter Template

Oliver Smith

10 Hastings Hall
Cambridge, MA 02138

Date – 18/7/2010

Ken Johnson, Esq.
Executive Director
Bay Area Advocates
10 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 94115

Dear Mr. Johnson:

I am a law student studying in the first year at Stanford Law School and I am interested for the position of volunteer in your office in next summer which you have recently posted in a daily news paper. As I have grown up in San Francisco, I would prefer to come back for the summer and wish to find an internship where I can carry on my civil rights work.

I have volunteered at Maxwell & Barke, a civil rights law firm that specializes in the area of employment discrimination. My research works explored the civil rights of gay people who were refused by the employer in spite of being fully qualified and women who are underpaid than men who worked in the same positions.

I believe that my educational background, as well my familiarity with the San Francisco and its political background, would help me to make considerable contributions to Bay Area Advocates.

Thank you in advance for your time.


Oliver Smith