Legal Cover Letter Sample

George Robinson
111 Nob Hill Drive
San Francisco, California 94124
Date – 8/07/2010

Office of the Attorney General
California Department of Justice
Recruitment and Retention Unit
1200 I Street, Suite 740
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Mr. Smith,

As a practicing attorney with a wide range of legal skills and practical business knowledge I have the experience and skills to make significant contribution. I have previously worked in both public prosecution and private defense litigation including a present position as an associate at Bennington, Stein & Teach, a leading Chicago law firm.

You will find that I have got a great combination of proven legal expertise, brilliant communication skills and practical work experience.

These skills together with a strong sense of professional reliability have contributed notably to my achievements.

I have hereby enclosed for a resume and writing samples for your review. I would

Be glad if you give me an opportunity to meet with you to discuss the prospect of employment. Thank you for your consideration.


George Robinson