Law Cover Letter

William Davis,
1234, West 67 Street,
Carlisle, MA 01741,
(123)-456 7890.

Date: 1/07/2010.

Mr. John Lee,
ACME Enterprises
406 Oak Street
Orange Park, FL32003.

Dear Mr. Lee,

I was referred to you by your Mr. Rivera Manning who is the sales-in charge with your New York office. He informed me that the Chicago office of National Builders is actively looking for a quality attorney for their development program.

I am an ex-student at The John Marshall Law School and am really eager to work with Chicago office of National Builders as an attorney.

I am a skilled lawyer with two years of real estate litigation experience, as well as internship as a legal associate with the New York City office of International Accounts Inc. My job duties included conducting corporate transactions, financial and asset related transactions, banking, tax and bankruptcy and real estate. Being an expert attorney I know that the level of professionalism and communication is essential for long-term success in this field.

I would certainly appreciate an opportunity to meet with you in your office for further discussion on the possibility of employment.  I am grateful to you for your valuable time and consideration.


William Davis.