Free Law Cover Letter

Victoria Sardinia
45 Jackson Avenue
Richterville, USA 89890

Date – July 23, 2009
Mr. Darrell Crabtree
Attorney at Law
Crabtree and Curtin Law Firm
62 Washington Avenue. USA 99999

Dear Mr. Crabtree,

While checking, I came to know that you are looking for an experienced legal secretary. I have got around five years of experience in a reputed law firm in Boston and can handle the job portfolio quite efficiently. I am available for this position and can start work immediately if you want.

I’m prepared to carry out my duties and is quite familiar with the various tasks associated with this position. I know how to prepare for depositions, create documents on this and contracts for client or attorney agreements, composing of letters and handling efficiently the flow of phone calls, e-mail, and miscellaneous paper work.

May I meet you in person for an interview so that you can understand my abilities more clearly? I’m available at your convenience any weekday except Monday. I am eager to meet you and hopefully, to join your team at Crabtree and Curtin.


Victoria Sardinia