Job Interview Cover Letter


Molly Pullan, HR Manager

Thinkwise Consultants,

North Way, Texas – 65725

Dear Ms. Pullan,

Through this letter, am responding to the job opening for Recruitment Team Leader available in your organization. I am looking for this job because of my extensive experience and interest of growing n the domain. Your company is offering the right opportunity, which I am looking for.

You will be able to know more about my background, skills and knowledge by going through my attached resume. I expect that my strengths will fit the needs of the available position. I also have a great interest in learning new things. Therefore, I am ready to accept any type of challenges or tasks.

I am an experienced individual, who is seeking for a new employment opportunity to enhance my career.

I will be happy if you give me, a chance to talk more about my interest and skills.

You will be able to reach me any time on 805-035-670

Thank You


Gerald Peterson