Job Hunting Cover Letter

Mr. Charles Harris
HR Manager
Mindtree Corporation
04 Open Street
London SE4 7RF

Dear Mr. Harris,

I am writing this letter to request information about the possible employment opportunity with your firm Mindtree Corporation. As I have handful of experience in the technical domain for six years, I am looking for a position, which will allow me to use my skills and talents, which I was able to develop in statistical.

I also have wide experience in other related areas, and I enjoy new challenges. I also feel that it is imperative for me to uphold a real world, practical perspective while improving my academic abilities.

I am proud to inform you that I was able to finance my entire education with the help of scholarships as well as summer jobs that are related to my field.

Please let me know about the position and job profile you can offer me by considering my qualification and experience.

Thank you for the precious time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Augustine D Souza