Federal Job Cover Letter


Albert Costa

Personal Manager

PBI Head Office, ALASKA


25TH JUNE 2012

Sub-application for the post of detective in PBI

Dear Mr. Albert

I am writing this letter to present my candidature for the post of detective in PBI federal institution. Recently I came across the vacancy circular in the employment newspaper dated 20th June 2012.I consider myself to be an apt candidate to handle the job of detective in the PBI federal agency.

I have over fifteen years of experience as chief detective in a leading detective agency of the country. I have successfully solved many mysterious cases of crime and murder. I have the reputation of solving cases in a very short period of time. I have developed many key skills such as detecting the smallest possible clue and its link with the case. In my career I have put more than five hundred culprits behind the bars. I have got that natural sense to catch the fishy thing in a cooked story by the accused.

Please find my resume and details of some cases solved by me enclosed with this cover letter. Please let me know if any other document is needed from my side.

Yours Sincerely

Shane Marsh

Enclosed-Resume and my past experience certificate.

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