Construction Job Cover Letter


Peter Saddle

General Manager (HR Department)

ELD Construction Company Limited

45, Princess Street, Central London


25th June 2012

Sub-application for the post of construction Manager

Dear Mr. Peter,

I am writing this letter to apply for the post of construction Manager in your esteemed organization. Recently I came across the vacancy notification issued by your company on the internet. I consider myself to be an apt candidate as I have the necessary qualification and prior work experience to face the day to day challenges faced by an onsite construction manager effectively.

I have the required managerial skills to complete the project within the set deadline .I have got excellent communication skills which helps me to interact fruitfully with the construction workers. I have got over seven years on project site experience as junior construction Manager with the   Building Constructions Corporation of London.  I have completed some the prestigious projects of the company within the set deadline; the details of which are illustrated in my resume.

Please find my latest resume enclosed with this cover letter. I am looking forward to join your organization of an international repute. Please let me know if any other documents are needed from my end.

Yours Sincerely

Hennery Richardson

Enclosed-latest resume

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