Business Job Cover Letter


Debra Wilser,

Web World Solutions,

245 NW, 2nd Court,

Boca Raton, FL – 32776

Dear Mrs. Wilser,

As I am a skilled Project and Business Manager with an outstanding record of successful business operations, I am looking for an option to align myself with a reputed and progressive company. As I saw your company’s ad for the requirement of a business project manager, I would like to service you and your organization.

I am comfortable with high pressure setting and fast paced projects.  I also enjoy challenges and recognitions. I have an extensive experience in handling the overall aspects of the business.

I am looking for an option to enter a new environment, which will help me to prove my skills and knowledge. If you want to know more about my education or achievements, you can find it on the attached resume.

Please feel free to contact me on stephenbeard@gmail or call – 222-552-334

Thank You,


Stephen Beard