Academic Job Cover Letter

January 4th, 2010

Robert Zimmerman
Chief of Sociology
Rocken University
San Diego, California 93345

Dear Mr. Zimmerman,

Rocken University is well known for its quality education and practices. As I am very much interested in joining your department of Sociology, I am writing this letter. I am a scholar who has obtained a similar balance in the academic career.

I love teaching and have a great interest in academic research. From my past exposure to the Sociology field, I have appreciated for the hard work and ground-breaking publishing. As a PhD candidate, I have turned this respect into action.

Due to of my strong research as well as teaching background, I believe that I will contribute to the strong reputation your department. If you are interested to know about my education and experience, you will be able to find all the necessary details on my resume.

Thank you for your consideration,


Stephen Henchman