Academic Job Application Cover Letter


Peter Collins

Dean, University of Texas

44 Southampton Road, Northern America


25th June 2012

Sub-application for the post of lecturer in Mechanical Engineering department

Dear Mr. Peter

I am writing his letter to apply for the post of lecturer in the mechanical engineering department in the University of Texas. Recently I came across the job notification published in the job times dated 10th June 2012.I consider myself eligible for the post as I am currently pursuing my PhD in Production Engineering from the University of Southampton which is slated to be completed before 31st July 2012.

I have completed my bachelors in mechanical engineering for New Jersey University with over eighty per cent marks. Moreover I have done Masters in Production Engineering from New South Wales University with distinction marks. I always loved the field of academics and wanted to be involved in training new minds of our country. I have a deep passion for research since my childhood days. I have undertaken many research projects during my undergraduate and post graduate years.

Please find my latest resume enclosed with this cover letter. Let me know if any other document is needed.

Yours Sincerely

Max Cook

Enclosed – Curriculum Vitae

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