Life Insurance Agent Cover Letter

Mr. Keith Shirley,

Head of Life Insurance, Careforyou Industries,

Hallway Street,

Washington DC.

Respected Mr. Shirley,

I have come across a vacancy for the post of life insurance agent in the location – North Carolina. I want to apply for this post as I feel that having served for quite some time in this industry as a life insurance agent I can be a suitable candidate for this role.

I have learnt the processes and policies of the insurance industry and have got above 300 clients during my tenure in the current position. Hence I would like to broaden by knowledge and expertise by serving your organization and adding to your rich client base. I am attaching my resume in the attachment. I would be pleased if you could consider my candidature for the post of life insurance agent. Please let me know if I need to send you any more details.


Mr. Smith Kennedy

Sunshine view point

Washington DC.