Insurance Policy Cover Letter


Nina Sharpie

45, Residential Towers, Central London


25th June 2012

Sub – Insurance policy cover letter

Dear Mr. Andrew

I am pleased to inform you that your application for subscribing to endowment insurance policy has being accepted by our company. We have acknowledged the recipet of our first annual premium of $ 2000(two thousand dollars only) for the year 2012 with reference to your check number 45669 of country bank in favor of New Oakland Insurance limited.

The endowment policy is issued in the name of Nina Sharpie residing in 45, Residential Towers, Central London. The policy will come in to force from 1st August 2012.In case of unnatural death of the assignee; the nominee will be paid $100000 (one hundred thousand dollars only) as compensation benefits. The policy term is for twenty years and the next annual premium is due on 1st August 2013.You are requested to pay the annual premium within the due date in order to enjoy all the benefits of the insurance policy.

I would like to congratulate you for selecting our company to buy your insurance policy and it would be our pleasure to serve you in the future.

Thanking You

Prince Charlie

General Manager (Insurance Policy Document department)

New Oakland Insurance limited

Enclosed-original policy document

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