Airline Equipment Handler Cover Letter

Mr. Jacob Edwards,

Magnum Airlines,

Beverly Hills,


Respected Sir,

I, Mr. Josh Bakers, would like to secure a job as an airline equipment handler at your firm and hence writing this letter. I have my basic education done and own the necessary licenses needed. I’m a straightforward and focused person and would give my best into anything I do.

I have, prior to this, worked in other cargo companies and have an experience of around three years in equipment handling and I assure you to apply all the knowledge I have gained into the work I’m given. It would be a matter of great honor to work at your firm. I’m a healthy person with no medical issues as such and would be capable to endure physical strain which my job would ask for. My salary expectation shall be somewhere between $ 15-25k per month. Enclosed are the essential documents along with my C.V.

Looking forward to your affirmative response.


Mr. Josh Bakers