Radiation Therapist Cover Letter


Dwayne Bravo

HR Manager

Lifeline Hospitals

43, Wood Street, ILLINOIS


10th August  2012

Sub – Applying to the post of Radiation Therapist

Dear Mr. Dwayne

With reference to your ad in the classified in The New York Times dated 8 August 2012 I would like to apply for the post radiation therapist in your renowned hospital. I have done my graduation in Radio Physics and my specialization in radio therapy. I understand the need of a radio therapist to a cancer patient and moreover I have knowledge about various field of radio therapy like simulation, CT/MR stimulation, computer Planning, external Beam treatment etc.

I have good motivational skills which are needed for treating cancer patients as sometimes they might not get cured or it may take a long time. A keen Observation and good interpretation skills is a plus for me. I also have good communication skills and I am a fast learner. So I think all this qualities make me the best contender for the post of radiation therapist.

Please call on my mobile number to fix an appointment for the interview. I will look forward for a positive reply from your side. I am herewith enclosing my resume for your reference.

Thanking you

John Brown

Enclosures: resume

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