Optician Cover Letter


Steve Harwin

Chief Medical Officer

Franklin Witherton Eye Hospital

1989, Long Cross Avenue


31st June, 2012

Sub: Application for the post of Optician

Dear Sir,

I would like to submit my candidature in response to your advertisement seeking an optician that appeared on 26th June in the California Times newspaper.

As regards the job for which I am applying, I am qualified and skilled enough to fill in the vacant post. I have worked as a licensed optician for several specialist eye clinics for the past eight years and have discharged my duties with the highest degree of responsibility. I have carried out many complex eye surgeries and have several notable individuals as my clients. Besides, I have a thorough knowledge about chronic eye conditions that affect many in the modern world.

I am fully capable of carrying out my duties to the best of your organization’s and patient’s satisfaction. On examining a patient, I suggest a comprehensive vision wear if the same is needed.

My resume is enclosed with this letter for your kind perusal. I am sure you’ll find me suitable for the post and give me an opportunity to serve your reputed organization

Yours truly,


John Mason

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